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TJM Underbody Guards

Protecting the most vulnerable components underneath your vehicle TJM underbody guards are constructed from a thick steel sheet and incorporates strategic folds for incredible strength.

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Why choose a TJM Underbody Guard?

To protect the most vulnerable components underneath your vehicle TJM Underbody Guards are constructed from 3mm thick steel sheet and incorporates strategic folds for incredible strength. They are powder coated black for corrosion resistance of up to 500 hours. The advantages of powder coating is that it gets into all the nooks and crannies and is much more resilient to chipping when knocked around, unlike powder-coated varieties.

Although the underbody components of your vehicle may be classed as ‘out of sight, out of mind’, they certainly cannot be overlooked when heading off road. A simple collision with a tree stump or rock could cause significant (and expensive) damage to the steering, engine sump or transmission. Investing in a TJM underbody guard may be the difference between getting your vehicle home undamaged, or lying busted out on the track.

Having designed quality Underbody Guards for over 15 years, TJM certainly knows what’s best. All our Underbody Guards are made from 3mm steel and finished with superior powder coating for ultimate performance and durability. Specially designed, pressed and folded to supply the optimum strength and protection, you can be sure the TJM Front Underbody Guard, Transmission Guard and Sump Guard range will take the brunt of any hazard, ensuring the vital components of your vehicle are out of the firing line.

Features of TJM Underbody Guards

  • 3mm thick steel
  • Provides excellent underbody protection
  • Powder coated black for up to 500 hours of corrosion resistance
  • Press folded in strategic areas for absolute maximum strength
  • Front underbody, sump, transmission and transfer case guards available*
  • Drain access holes for sump and transmission where necessary.

*Not available on all models.

1. F.U.G
2. Sump Guard
3. Transmission Guard
4. Transfer Guard


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