TJM Narva 215 LED Lights

NEW TJM Narva Ultima 215 Driving Lights

Inbuilt LED Light Pipe

10’500 Raw Lumes for Greater Spread

5 Year Warranty

The all new TJM Narva Ultima 215 Driving Lights

  • Designed & Engineered in Australia with innovative chip technology.
  • The TJM Narva Ultima provides an efficient 8500 lumens output and 165W of pure white light.
  • This technology will light up to 900m in approaching distance.


Features & Benefits

Improved daytime visibility.
Ideal for 4WD and transport industries.
Leading hybrid beam pattern 10’500 raw lumens.
5W XP-G2 Cree LED’s
Broad, penetrating light.
Nitto breather vent.

First class componentry for lasting performance and durability.

Interchangeable outer bezel that comes standard in gloss black, with optional stainless steel and chrome plated bezels sold separately.

Bracketry suspension system uses polymer rubber to suspend the lamp making it shock/ vibration resistant.
Quick vertical adjustment ‘On the Go’ via easy to use aluminium adjuster knob
Lightweight super strong Pressure Die Cast Aluminium, uncompromising strength and rugged durability.
Virtually unbreakable hard-coated Polycarbonate lens, protects against damage from stone/debris.
‘Active Thermal Management System’ allows the light to run harder for longer.
Peace of mind, quality lasts
Prevents water and dust ingress (IP66 & IP67)
Genuine ‘Nitto breather’ and integrated DT connector

Technical Specifications

13.8A at 12V
10,500 raw/ 8,500 effective
2.8kg (per light)
Active Thermal Management System (ATMS)
215mm (W) X 235mm (H) X 112mm (D)


Only $1095 for the whole kit.
Lumens measure the total amount of light output. Watts are a measure of how much power the lights draw from the battery. Typically, the more lumens the brighter the light. The amount of watts a light produces tells us nothing about the actual light output, which is a common misconception. Essentially, it comes down to the efficiency between lumens and watts. The TJM NARVA Ultima 215 produces a staggering 8500 lumens of light with an efficient 165W.
The lights are constructed from a die cast housing which is supported on the road by a tough pressure die cast mounting bracket fastened by 3 stainless steel bolts with Nyloc nuts. Whilst the lateral movement is firmly locked in place, the vertical angle adjustment of the Ultima lamp can be altered without tools and is firmly anchored by a polyurethane suspension system and alloy adjustment knob.
Poor design and construction of a light can lead to overheating and severely impact the durability of a light. The TJM NARVA Ultima 215 LED lights are constructed from a die-cast aluminium housing with cooling fins at the back of the light.

This has been specifically designed for quicker heat dissipation, meaning the light will last longer and harder.

Raw lumens is a measure of theoretical output. You’d simply calculate this by multiplying the no. of LEDs by no. of lumens per watt. E.g. 8 LEDs x 100 lumens p/watt = 800 lumens. Effective lumens is a measure of the actual output of a light. It takes into account the electrical and ‘real world’ losses. Effective lumens is a much better representation of the light produced.

It is a one way breather that allows air and pressure on the inside to escape but nothing to ingress back inside. Otherwise, as the air on the inside heats up it expands and can potentially damage the seals and internals of the light.

No, the TJM NARVA kit comes with everything you need for a professional installation.

Please note, an adaptor plate for fitment to particular TJM Bull Bars will be available early 2018.

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