TJM Fox Suspension

In an Australian first, TJM Fox launched down under!

Specially tuned for Australian conditions.

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TJM Presents: TJM Fox

The all new TJM FOX Monotube Shock Absorber has been co-designed by TJM and FOX to provide the ultimate experience for Australian off-road conditions.

The innovative two-inch monotube design consists of a single wall construction which ensures direct heat dissipation. This unique feature coupled with a larger 46mm Internal Floating Piston (IFP) provides increased damping power and reduced shock fade.

Available for:

Jeep Wrangler JK

Nissan Patrol GQ & GU

Toyota LandCruiser 79, 78 & 76 Series

Toyota LandCruiser 80 & 105 Series

Features & Benefits

  • Single-wall design ensures quicker heat dissipation.
  • 2” inch tube allows for increased oil capacity, providing greater damping power.
  • Quiet nitrile rubber allows for increased articulation whilst reducing transmission of internal suspension mounting noises.

  • Greater damping power through increased strength and rigidity
  • Design significantly reduces shock fade through separation of oil and nitrogen gas
  • Eliminates the risk of oil cavitation which often occurs at extreme pressures, increasing its performance
  • Comfortable on-road performance and controlled off-road handling

  • Compatible with vehicles with existing suspension lift 50-75mm (additional components required for 75mm suspension lifts).
  • Direct OEM replacement.

Compatible with light to medium loading capacity.

Technical Specifications

Smooth bore and honed seamless steel 46mm.
Thick silver powder coat.
Internal IFP mono-tube reservoir design separates shock oil from the high-pressure nitrogen.
Optional part compatible with rear shocks, some trimming may be required depending on the application.
16mm hard chrome plated heat treated steel.
FOX JM92 advanced suspension fluid.
Quiet nitrile rubber.
Light to medium capacity.
3 Year / 100,000km


To control the spring bounce and the movement of the vehicle due to road surface variation.
Yes, spring bounce / body roll / weight transfer under braking are all affected as shock absorbers wear and reach the end of their lifecycle.
Visual signs to assist in identifying a worn shock absorber are oil leakage, damaged piston rod, rusted body / piston rod, worn or perished bushings.
Road surface variation causes the shock absorber to compress / extend forcing the oil to flow through valves which creates the damping force function.
Yes, it is important that the amount of suspension rebound (extension) travel is considered when raising the height of a vehicle to maintain vehicle safety. The shock absorber length typically controls the amount of suspension rebound (extension) travel, the more that the suspension height is raised without increasing the length of the shock absorber the more the rebound (extension) travel decreases. TJM designs the shock absorber lengths for each vehicle application to ensure the suspension rebound (extension) travel meets design standards ensuring vehicle safety.


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