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Signature Bullbar

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TJM Signature Bullbars

The TJM Signature Bullbar is one of the finest bull bars available in the market, and sure to make others green with envy.

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Why choose a
TJM Signature Bullbar?

The TJM Signature bar is sure to make others green with envy.

TJM engineers spent countless hours perfecting the Signature design to ensure you’re equipped with one of the finest bull bars available in the market. TJM bull bars are put through a comprehensive design criteria and testing process to ensure that all TJM bars are airbag compatible and ADR compliant.

Features of TJM Signature Bullbar

  1. ADR compliant
  2. Airbag compatible
  3. Impact protection
  4. Alloy construction, steal mounts
  5. 76mm centre tube
  6. 51-63 mm outer tubing (model dependant)
  7. Integrated L.E.D fog lights
  8. LED indicator/park lenses
  9. 8000KG rated recovery points*
  10. Integrated winch mount*
  11. Accommodates large driving lights
  12. Provision for dual aerials*
  13. Provision for parking sensors*

*Not available on all models