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NEW TJM Pace Performance 4×4 Suspension

The brand-new twin adjustable Shock Absorber from TJM has arrived.

Pace Performance 4×4 Suspension has been designed to provide the ultimate off-road experience for both weekend adventurers and high performance off-road users.

The unique 8 stage compression and rebound adjustability provides a fully customised ride to suit any load application.

The patented inbuilt hydraulic bump-stop provides the perfect solution for vehicles that experience suspension bottoming at high speeds or when heavily loaded.

As the suspension reaches maximum compression, the internal bump stop progressively increases damping resistance for maximum impact control.

As a result, the vehicle and occupants are protected from high stress loads. The innovative monotube design consists of a single wall construction which ensures direct heat dissipation.

Features & Benefits

Full control over rebound and compression damping force.

Easily adjust the ride performance to personal preference and vehicle set up.

Monotube design.

Increased oil cooling capacity.

Controlled off-road handling.

Dampens the effects of sudden suspension forces.

Prevents ‘bottoming out’ through controlled end zone damping.

Easily adjust the vehicle ride height (coil over only).
Application specific to maximise vehicle performance.

Direct shock absorber replacement Reservoir bracket kits available for each application.

Compatible will all loading capacities.
Bracketry suspension system uses polymer rubber to suspend the lamp making it shock/ vibration resistant.

Vehicle Applications For:

  • Toyota LandCruiser 79 series 1999-8/2016 (Single Cab, Dual Cab, Troop Carrier & Wagon. Includes 8/2016 single cab with NCAP 5 chassis)
  • Ford PX Ranger 9/2011+
  • Mazda BT-50 9/2011+

Technical Specifications

Smooth bore and honed seamless steel 52mm
Brushed clear coated
Monto-tube with reservoir
8 stage compression & rebound adjustability with in-build hydraulic bump-stop (bump patented)
Compatible with rear shocks, some trimming may be required depending on the application
20mm, hard chrome plated heat treated alloy steel
Rubber (TJM designed)
Adjustable to all range of capacities
3 Year / 100,000km


They are designed to increase fluid capacity. This increase in capacity helps lower fluid temperature, helping to reduce shock fade. They also have a floating piston inside to separate the oil from the gas to stop the oil from foaming up and reducing ride quality.
The compression damping determines how hard the shock is to compress. The goal is to adjust the compression for optimal traction & comfort.
By simply turning the knob from either 1 to 8, these are located on the end of the reservoir or at the base of the shock , you then make the shock stiffer or softer in either compression or rebound.
The rebound damping determines how fast a shock will extend once it has been compressed. The object of tuning this is to have maximum traction by keeping the wheels in contact with the ground as much as possible. On the other hand, you don’t want them to extend to fast creating a bouncy and uncontrollable feeling.
Yes – TJM engineering have designed the reservoir & piggyback clap kits to ensure the optimum position if sourced for easy access to adjustment components & ensuring they are safe from debris strikes.
With the suspension unloaded, undo pinch bolt to allow the spring seat to rotate. Using the C-spanner supplied, insert into recesses around the spring seat. Rotate spring seat downward to raise the vehicle or upward to lower the vehicle.
The patented design incorporates an additional piston and check valve to ramp up the hydraulic resistance of the shock softening the blunt force of the vehicles drivetrain striking the chassis. Thus improving the reaction and unstable nature of this action & putting more drivability back to the driver.

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